Strange things are happening in Pasto city. People no longer leave their houses or play with Eugenia Chalacán, who has been sad since her grandfather, Elías Chalacán, passed away. Now you have to team up with Eugenia, defeat monsters, enter the Spiritual World, find the mysterious masks del Carnaval and get incredible powers through a fantastic and colorful world to finally release Eugenia´s grandfather soul from LA TRISTEZA and bring back happiness to the city becoming the legendary ¡MATACHÍN!

  • From Pastópolis to the Jaguar’s Cavern, explore three fantastic and spiritual levels
  • Find out a surrealist world based on the iconic characteristics from the Black and White Carnival of Pasto.
  • Discover antique masks that power up your abilities for fighting with bosses, monsters and spectral enemies.
  • Let yourself be carried away by the rhythms from the south of Colombia, mixed with vivid electronic sounds.

Elizabeth Salas


With 13 years experience in digital contents production & Project Management.

Esteban Delgado

Game Designer & Programmer

With 14 years experience as creative director for digital contents.

Jorge Bolaños

Graphic Designer

With 12 years experience in publicity photography, graphic and web design.

Alberto Fuentes

Composer & Sound Designer

With 12 years experience as music composer and sound designer.

Santiago Rivera


With 5 years experience in digital illustration, character and visual design